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Google I/O is coming: Here’s what we expect

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Google I/O

Google I/O, a tech giant’s annual developer conference, kicks off with a keynote eventuality on Wednesday.

Based on rumors, leaks, and well-educated guesswork, we design to hear about an Android upgrade, glossy new Google+ features, a Maps redesign, a Google Play Games app, and maybe even some new hardware.

Android and Chrome
This Google I/O is “going to be different” from what we’re used to, Google comparison clamp boss Sundar Pichai — who leads a Android, Chrome, and apps teams — explained in a new Wired interview. “It’s not a time when we have most in a approach of launches of new products or a new handling system.”

Pichai poured cold H2O on rumors that Android and Chrome would be total into a singular handling system. “The design competence demeanour opposite a year or dual from from now,” he said, “but in a brief term, we have Android and we have Chrome, and we are not changing course.”

Still, it wouldn’t be a correct Google I/O if there wasn’t some arrange of refurbish to Android. Android Police’s Artem Russakovskii says contingency are good that we won’t hear about a new season of a mobile handling complement though. “I can definitively tell we that Google is now operative on Android 4.3, and it is still Jelly Bean,” he writes, citing information suggested in server logs and reader tips.

Google Play Games
After ripping down a latest Google Play services, a member used to refurbish Google apps, Android Police’s Ron Amadeo believes we’ll be conference about Google Play Games. This new use will move multiplayer functionality, leaderboards, achievements and a like to your Android devices. The whole thing sounds like a souped-up chronicle of a iOS Game Center.

We consternation what will occur to Google+ Games, deliberation that a new use seems to pull users to a amicable network. (In other words: Google will approaching retire good ol’ Google+ Games.)

Google+, that launched on Jun 28, 2011, is impending a second birthday. Given how Google is weaving all a services into a amicable network, we design that it’ll be in a spotlight during Google I/O. Perhaps it’s time for a bit of gloss and a user interface redesign?

There have been copiousness of rumors per a one discuss complement — one that will mix Google Talk, Messenger, and Hangouts. Codenamed “Babel,” this cross-platform follower use is believed to be dubbed “Hangouts.” (Yes, that competence be confusing, deliberation that Google’s video-chat underline is also called Hangouts.)

Details and screenshots leaked by and Tech Radar suggest that a new Hangouts will be height dubious (meaning that they’ll work only excellent on Android, iOS, in a browser and so on), move copiousness of new emoji, summary syncing opposite inclination and more.


Traditionally, Google’s latest hardware lineup leaks before to Google I/O, yet this year things have been sincerely calm. All Things D’s Mike Isaac says that “sources informed with a matter” advise that we won’t hear anything new about a Nexus Q, Google’s ball-shaped media player, this year. Some photos of a white Nexus 4 indication have floated around, yet some advise that this was only a movement of a inclination handed out to some Google employees.

The propitious folks who’ve managed to obstacle a Google Glass section received their initial monthly update, XE 5, final week. We doubt that there’ll be another refurbish during Google I/O, yet maybe we’ll hear from some developers who are certainly bustling creation apps — also famous as “Glassware” — for a unconventional headgear, or get some-more sum about a chronicle of Glass that’s concordant with medication eyeglasses.

Who knows, though? Perhaps Google is apropos improved when it comes to gripping things underneath wraps. Maybe we’ll see a new tablet, a new smartphone, and that long-rumored intelligent watch.

In Sep 2012, Google announced that it acquired Nik Software, builder of several renouned print modifying products. The Nik group is now partial of a Google+ Photos team. Hello, new Web-based modifying tools?

The folks during a (unofficial) Google Operating System blog got their hands on some screenshots that advise that Maps will see utterly a redesign. It looks like a sidebar will disappear and we’ll instead get a full-screen map with some overlays for directions, plcae details, and identical items.

All Things D’s Liz Gannes reports that sources explain Google will not be announcing long-rumored earthy credit card. This label was approaching to concede users to compensate for purchases with their Wallet accounts, definition that a Wallet label could mount in place of any other credit card. “Google CEO Larry Page abruptly killed a label launch devise after he was dissatisfied with a glitchy run-through demo final week,” Gannes writes.

Everything else
Could there be some curveballs that we didn’t anticipate? Sure. Google could make a large Google TV proclamation out of a blue (though we doubt it) or exhibit that it’s been operative on a time transport appurtenance (which we’d suppose would somehow engage those self-driving cars).

We’ll only have to wait until Wednesday’s keynote to find out and refurbish you. So keep your eyes open for copiousness of news, live commencement during 9 a.m. PT / noon ET. Be certain to have some snacks prepared though, since a keynote is approaching to final several hours.

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